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Thanks for the great detective work. You have saved me considerable embarassment from the scam artist that tried to lure me into sending money for passport and visa.

Sincerely Robert.
March, 17, 2004.


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At this page you will find the services, which are provided by us.
After that you can proceed to order the service at once.


Services in Russia and other countries*:

  People search
  Identity check
  Investigations on cam girls.
  Background Check
  Record searches
  Criminal Records
  White pages
  Yellow pages
  Secure business
  Legal advice
  Services in Russia

 *- Включая через партнеров. Вся информация берется из открытых публичных источников.

  People search
    We perform the service of people search, including the locating of  missing persons. For example, you have lost connection with your friend, business partner or the loved woman. Our staff locates:  friends,  witnesses, wives, husbands etc. We determinate the person's address and contact data, if you give us even uncompleted  information about this person. Standard duration is within 3-7 days.  More info about this service...
  Identity check *

You have corresponded with her for a long time, you even talked with her  by phone. You overpassed 7000 km in order to meet your beautiful lady in person. But instead of a girl of your dream, who was  on the photos, she looks like not young, not good-looking woman. Or you was waiting for at the airport for 3 hours, but she did not appear at all. The reason is obvious: simply your lady had sent very old photos to you, where she was 8 years ago, or this was a typical dating scam. What can you do?

Our agency wish you never to find yourself in such terrible situations. And we offer you to use our service of the identity check at first. Standard duration is within 3-7 days. More info...


* - Для России с согласия субъекта. См. законодательство.

  Background Check *
    We provide the background check service. We search the information on individuals and companies in details. For persons: about his life, friends, meetings, others. For companies: their real name, address, phones, reliability, etc. Also we consider cases  like marriage process, divorce, assets, on civil  law, etc.  Standard duration is within 3-7 days. More info...
* - Для России с согласия субъекта. См. законодательство.
  Surveillance *
    We practise the surveillance (shadowing) after a person. For example, very often such services are required  by men, who would like to check his lady or girl-friend for matrimonial fidelity. We rather often discover the cases when a wife or a girl-friend were in adultery, infidelity. However we have and opposite cases, when everything was OK and our customer at last became to sleep calmly. More info...
 * - Для России с согласия субъекта. См. законодательство.
  Record searches *
    We will help you to find out the details of records. These are:
- marital records,
- passport details,
- criminal,  felony, misdemeanor records,
- court records,
- death records,
- bankruptcy,
- probate records,
- traffic records,
- real estate records.

If you are interested in this service, then now, please, go to our order page.
 * - Для России с согласия субъекта. См. законодательство.
  Criminal records *
    We have the access to records, databases of motor licensing and inspection department (so called "GAI"), flat registration records, telephone databases, etc. 
More information about the service...
  White pages
    We have an access to almost all white pages, legal and hidden phone directories of Ukrainian, Russian, Byelorussian, Kazakhstan towns. Make your inquiry to us from our order page right now. And we will send you the result of search within 24 hours for a  reasonable price.

Besides we make the searches by means of incomplete data:
- we find out the subscriber's name and address by means of his phone number,
- we find out the person's phone number by means of his name and address.

If you are interested in this service, then now, please, go to our order page.
  Yellow pages
    We will find the address data of enterprises in Ukraine, Russia, Byelorussia. For example, you have a business in the certain field of activity. And you would like to find such firms for cooperation. We will help you to connect with them.  We have an access to almost all yellow pages of Ukrainian, Russian, Byelorussian, Kazakhstan towns. Make your inquiry to us from our order page right now. And we will send you the result of search within 24 hours for a  reasonable price.

If you are interested in this service, then now, please, go to our order page.
  Secure business *
    We make different searches and investigation in the field of security of a business.
For example we find out trustworthiness, reliability of your business partners and others. 
We can trace their:
- accounts,
- capital,
- co-founders,
- etc.

Additional services:
 - bodyguard,
 - protection of the information.
 - help in the restitution (return) of money

Our detectives are professionals. We realize even rather hard tasks. We have a special department of economic investigations.

If you are interested in this service, then now, please, go to our order page.
 Legal advices *
    If you need legal advice, a help of a lawyer, then write us the matter of your problem and we will try to help you. 

  Full list of all known scammers
    Our agency helps people  to  resist scam. We faces constantly with the scam in Internet acquaintances, with fraud in dating, marriage, economic fields. And we have wide experience how to detect scam and prevent it.
Our list of all known scammers contains information about names, emails and addresses of scammers (total 908 records).
- The access is paid. So, in order to get the full access, you need to be registered at first.
- Usually there is no any base, that would include all actual recent info. It can be only oriental. So, the best way to check a scammer is to use our services of "Identity check" or "People search", which are fulfilled manually by our agents. The results will be much more reliable and trustworthy.
 Additional services in Former USSR (including through partners if necessary) *
  • Investigations of cases of wrongful use of trade marks, logos and names;
  • Investigations of cases of a unfair competition; 
  • Work on concrete civil cases (with the consent of the sides); 
  • Check of the person and at employment for work (with the consent of the sides);
  • Computer safety; 
  • Check of the real estate (with the consent of the sides); 
  • Lawyer services; 
  • Search of missing persons; 
  • Restoration of the lost communications with relatives and friends.
 Some basic free services for our existing clients.

We can provide some of our services to you free of charge. These are simple advices concerning  your problems, addresses of some national non-commercial services in Ukraine, phone codes of the cities and others. This service is available as an addition if you had ordered one of the services above.
Besides there is an opportunity of the free basic on-line search on the objects, who live in USA:
people search, map quest, white pages. It's here: USA online search.

* - Примечание: Для России и Украины -- с согласия субъекта. См. законодательство.


Now, if you are interested in one of our services, please go to our



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