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I was very apprehensive about looking for investigative services from an internet company in another country. But, I really needed to find someone and I decided to risk it, fully prepared to lose the money and not see any results. However, all my fears were laid to rest. The company is very professional, I always received courteous and prompt responses. As they had promised, they found the person I was seeking within a very reasonable time-frame and it cost me precisely the amount agreed on in the beginning. I am very happy with their work and would most definitely recommend their services.

June 10th, 2003.


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Here you will find the information, who we are.

We are a detective agency, which is specialized in the fields of private investigations, people search,  economic investigations for companies and in many other analogous services. We have offices and own  representatives in Russia,  Ukraine and some other countries. We provide our services  within wide region : both in  Russia, Byelorussia, Ukraine and in some other adjoining areas.

The important peculiarity that divided us from competitors is: we have been working already 10 years, and  we are on-line since 2002 year. You can check it on your own. Nowadays we are the biggest on-line company in the Former USSR, that has the largest market share. Despite of this fact each our client is really valuable for us. We have already got many good testimonials from our customers (their amount is more than 3000 by now) and we do not hesitate to demonstrate their opinions to everybody.  

We have the friendly staff. We are one of the first investigative agencies in Russia and Ukraine, which started  to work on-line and by nowadays we have got great experience. Our staff is high-experienced , our  detectives are real professionals, who had worked in different government and private bodies in the fields of economic security, information technologies, private guards. We cooperate with more than 30 reliable partners of  the Former USSR . We have a considerable share of the o-line investigation market. Most of clients address only to us, because we give them :

 - good quality of the work,
 - high speed of our work,
 - wide region of the work, large net of detectives,
 - many different lines of the investigations.
 - high confidence of our work,
 - acceptable prices,
 - good testimonials from our clients,
 - results in the comfortable form for them,
 - continuous further support of our clients,
 - useful advices and friendly staff,
 - real guarantees ,
 - assurance in our stability: long work in the market on-line, many clients by now.
 - many new clients come to us on recommendation from our existing clients.

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